Welcome to your new branch site!

Welcome! This is the web site for the SNP Berwickshire branch. If you’re looking for the main SNP site, you’ll find it at www.snp.org.

We established this site for our branch membership to communicate our values and what we’re doing behind the scenes at local and national level. The SNP is a large family with many thousands of individuals in hundreds of teams all working to build a stronger Scotland, and we felt it important to communicate what we’re doing and how you can help.

The branch site is primarily for members, but everybody is welcome to communicate and contribute. One of the things we wanted to get away from is the ubiquitous culture of producing campaign web sites in advance of an election, but then forgetting them as soon as votes have been cast. The intention with this site is to build a permanent online community for people in the Borders – and specifically Berwickshire – so that people can see what we’re doing on an ongoing basis and contribute wherever possible.

We invite you to participate on all levels, whether it’s posting a comment, submitting an article, or writing a proposal for national conference debate!

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  1. Not much into pain – except perhaps when contemplating the antics of the Tories.

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