Paul Wheelhouse and Calum Kerr MP in conversation

SNP Berwickshire TV interview

Paul Wheelhouse, Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs until the Scottish Parliament is dissolved for the Scottish Parliamentary Elections, and Calum Kerr MP for Berwickshire Roxburgh and Selkirk respond to questions on current International, Scottish and Borders issues.

The warmth and strong working relationship between the two is evident, and the policy detail that goes beyond the usual political soundbites is both fascinating and instructive.

Team Borders in action


  1. Good video , poor sound. Very interested in Pauls ans. re pos+ of the EU almost all regarding the environment & climate, pity he and Callum were not polite enough to respond to my email re Dark Sky Status for Coldstream. This of course ties in with the answer to the benefits of the Borders Railway and its effects to other border areas apart from Gala and Melrose. Assume the will require my vote soon!

  2. Hi Billy
    Paul and Calum are both committed to building the case to reopen Reston Station. Today Scottish Borders Council announced an investment that will create 200 new IT jobs in the Borders for which the Borders Railway was an important factor in obtaining a contract worth £100 million to the Borders economy.
    As is the media fashion, interviews are carried out today with the real world in the background. We grabbed the opportunity we had with Calum and Paul together.
    Of course we want you vote. There are only two contenders with a realistic chance of winning – Paul or the Tory guy.
    Minimising light pollution requires changing street lighting which is a SBC responsibility.

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