Border Patrol 9 Scottish Budget Special

Border Patrol 9A tax cut for 55% of Scottish taxpayers, but a 1p rise in the higher and additional tax rates. The Tories don’t like it, so clearly it is a budget to delver even more value for Scottish taxpayers who get more for their money that people on England. Like Trump, the Tories believe in tax cuts for the rich.  

Scottish Tories don’t think we know what is happening in England so also go on about council tax increases for Scots. Councils in Scotland cannot increase council tax by more than 3%. Average increases in England are 6%.

Lots more of interest in this edition of Border Patrol to keep you up to date. This week the Scottish Government announced another £600m for broadband to be allocated to rural areas.

Broadband is a reserved issue but the 10Mb per second minimum standard being implemented in England is woefully inadequate. Connectivity is crucial for business competitiveness and to deliver quality broadband to rural areas. The Scottish government is investing extra money to deliver a minimum of 30Mb per second for rural and island communities.

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Border Patrol 9

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