Border Patrol 11

Border Patrol 11
Special issue examining the impact of Brexit on Scotland. Unlike the UK government, the Scottish Government has carried out detailed analysis of the three possible outcomes at the end of Brexit negotiations.
May’s strategy is to bury her head in the sand whilst concentrating on preventing open warfare between members of her cabinet. Meanwhile 60 hard Brexit Tory backbenchers have formed a cabal to undermine May’s chances of reaching a better than worse case outcome.

Scottish Government analysis shows the best case soft option of staying in the Single Market and Customs Union will still have a negative effect on GDP and population growth for Scotland.

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Border Patrol 11

Migrants and tax credits – Cameron misguided and misleading

The National Institute of Social and Economic Research (NIESR) has just released some limited information from the UK government on migrant tax credit claims. Jonathan Portes, Principal Research Fellow at NIESR, said: “The Prime Minster’s focus on migrants’ benefits is misguided and this new data shows that the Prime Minister’s…

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